How Long Is The Leash? The leash is 3ft long when fully extended.  After much R & D the 3ft length was the clear winner for quick and complete control of the dog and optimal performance.

Does The Leash Have a Locking Mechanism? No. There really is no need for a locking mechanism when the leash is 3ft long. When fully extended your dog is never more the 3ft way from you.

How Strong is the Leash & Housing? The leash and housing unit have been strength tested to withstand 200 lbs of torque and tension. All internal parts are made of stainless steel and the housing unit is made out of high end injected molded plastic. The leash is made out high strength nylon webbing that is lightweight yet extremely strong.


Currently (as of 02/15/2024) We are in the process of setting up the ability to ship internationally. We hope to have this completed by (03/15/2024) or before. Follow us on Instagram and you will be the first to know.

This product was created to be used on dog's with a solid recall to allow them the freedom to be off leash when it is safe to do so. It is great for hiking, dog parks etc The retractable 3ft leash is there for quick and complete control in a instant. At 3ft the leash is a comfortable length to use when you are walking to your favorite safe off leash destination. If your dog does not have a strong recall we suggest you train the behavior before using.

Yes. We recommend wiping down with a warm moist cloth or hand washing the harness. Use a deluded soap mixture and make sure to rinse thoroughly. Then air dry. Do not put the harness in the dryer.

As with anything new you are introducing your pup to, we suggest using Positive Reinforcement training to introduce your pup to wearing the harness. Here are the basic steps"

1. Use high value treats to reward your dog throughout the training process. String cheese, hot dogs are just a few ideas. If your pup is not motivated by food, you can use a special toy to reward them for their interest in this new object. (The harness) If possible we suggest having two humans. One to praise and give the treats and one to introduce the harness and do the fitting.

2. To begin using your "Marker Word" or if you do not have a specific "Marker Word" Use whatever you say to your dog when you praise him for doing the right thing. Put the harness on the ground and let your pup investigate it. The moment your pup looks at the harness, mark/praise and reward. Don't be stingy with the treats or game play. Repeat this process until your pup is comfortable with the harness on the ground. You can also sprinkle treats on and around the harness as your pups is checking it out.

3. Once your pup is comfortable with the harness on the ground pick it up and when they look or sniff it in your hand, praise and reward.

4. Now slowly extend and retract the retractable leash in and out. This may be a new novel sound to your pup, so the first few times go slow. When they look at it, mark/praise and reward. Practice the in and out until your dog is comfortable with the sound of the leash extending and retracting.

5. Now unbuckle the two side buckles on the left side of the harness and place it on the floor. Then place their right paw into the right side of the harness and slowly bring it up over your pups back. Mark/ praise and reward as you do this. Then attach the harness on the left side. Give lots of praise! :-) Remember this is all a new experience for your pup.

6. Most likely they will shake and wiggle once the harness is buckled as this is a new and novel feeling for them. Let them walk around and acclimate to the feeling.

7. Next, repeat the process of extending the leash and retracting it slowly on their back. Remember to mark/ parise and reward as you repeat this process.

8. Once your dog is comfortable, you are ready to get outside and enjoy new adventures with our pup!

Shipping Policy

We ship using USPS, the contiguous United. We hope to be shipping internationally by 03/15/2024

We ship USPS Priortiy Flat Rate,(3-5 Business Days) and Ground Advantage.(5-7 Business Days) depending on where you are located in the United States.

Returns and Exchanges

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return your order for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date if you are located within the United States. International order at this time are not refundable.The items returned must not have been used, altered, washed, or damaged, and must include original packaging. Once the product has been received at our warehouse and in deemed to be in good condition we will process your refund minus the $5 flat rate return shipping charge.

Pack the harness in a shipping safe box or well padded shipping envelope with packing slip and return to:

FreeRun Leashes Inc.

P.O.Box 3942

San Rafael, CA 94912

Refunds will be made after the item is returned is processed and inspected to be undamaged and in its original packaging. See return policy for details. FreeRun Leashes is not responsible for return shipping costs.