The revolutionary all-in-one auto-Retractable leash & Harness

The patented all-in-one leash and harness, the FreeRun Leash™ was designed to revolutionize the way you spend time with your dog outside. Combining the highest quality materials with ergonomic comfort for both of you, with FreeRun you will never fumble for the leash again.


The all-in-one FreeRun Leash™

No More Tangles

No more tangled leashes when meeting another dog on a traditional lead.

No More Harmful Bacteria

Leashes that touch the ground can transport hazardous bacteria and other microorganisms directly to your hands.

Comfortable & Durable

Leash housing made with ultra strong molded plastic and stainless steel parts with a soft grip handle.


Smooth, auto-retractable leash


Adjustable, comfort fit harness

Bring your best friend on
all your adventures...

The FreeRun Leash has truly changed my outdoor time with my dog. Cody has freedom to play and I have peace of mind knowing that I can quickly and safely have him under control. 

Julle Crumrine

I never felt safe letting my dogs off leash before I purchased the FreeRun Leash. Yes, I was the one with the leashes dragging through the mud and who knows what else. With the leash always attached and easy access, there is no more worrying if I can catch them when playtime at the dog park is over.

Joe Martino

With two dogs, the FreeRun Leashes have solved all my tangled leash issues once and for all. Love it!

Pam Kirwin