The correct fit is essential for optimal performance. Take the time to follow these simple steps to properly fit your harness. (It's important to note that some dogs may need time to acclimate to the new sound and feeling. Allowing them this time will help them to enjoy the harness even more.) We highly suggest watching the short video, but if watching an under three-minute instructional video to help you quickly fit your harness is not your gig, scroll down and read the below instructions.



1.) Make an educated guess on the correct fit. The harness should be snug when fitted properly. You should just be able to fit two flat fingers between the straps and the dogs body. We recommend taking the harness off to make the adjustments to the straps

2.) Release both buckles on the left side, and guide the right front leg through and  bring the harness up over the dog's back and refashion the buckles.

3.) How to trim the excess strap length once you are happy with the harness fit on your dog.



1,Cut excess webbing off after final fitting      






2. Melt end to prevent cut edge from fraying





3. Tuck remaining webbing into pocket 






Things To Remember When First Introducing Your Dog To The New Harness:

  • Use high-value treats to reward your dog throughout the process
  • Give your dog time to smell and investigate the new harness before putting it on for the first time
  • Let your dog hear the sound of the leash extending out and retracting in before putting it on
  • Reward them  for their interest as they get accustomed to the sound.